My Battle! MY WIN!! -by Michele Edison

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It was Friday August 13, 2014 while taking a shower I felt the devil in my right breast. I prayed for it to be a cyst because I was healthy my son was nearly 2, I had breast fed my first time so I sat on the decision to call my Doctor about it for 2 days. On that Friday I called and he got me right in for the following Monday, man would this day be challenging, test after test after test. A mammogram turned into a sonogram and a sonogram turned into a biopsy. Sheesh, what in the world is going on? I’m saying, I don’t know why they are doing all of this for a little ol’ cyst.
My nurses name was Donna I couldn’t forget that because that’s my Mom’s name, she hugged me when I was nervous and begin to weep, she said everything is going to be ok. Probably the longest days of my life were waiting on the test results from my biopsy. Then it happened on August 20, 2014 those 2 words that would change my life forever “IT’S CANCER” said Dr. Link. I took a deep breath
and cried so hard, I was at a sales meeting with my yard counter parts and they all embraced me with hugs and were crying too. After gathering myself I adopted the mentality of fighting this monster and I will WIN!! That has been my  attitude throughout my Pink journey.
Michele Edison SURVIVOR2On October 1, 2014 I became a CANcer survivor. Dr. Tiffany Berry went in, took the devil out along with 21 lymph nodes, did a double mastectomy and her husband started my reconstruction. One lymph node tested positive for cancer and another lump was found during surgery, so I went from Stage 0 (DCIS), to Stage 2B, BUT THE DEVIL IS A LIE!  I experience 6 rounds of chemotherapy, lose of all of my hair, I was sick, tired sometimes depressed, angry, and lost my expanders from my reconstruction surgery due to having Lymphedema in my breast instead of my arm. I reminded myself of the reason I’ve gone through all of this and that reason is to spread my story around and help other CANcer Sisters and Brothers.
I have raised awareness to more than 3000 people, more than 29 of my friends have been tested and 4 have tested positive for Breast Cancer. Through my experience, I have been able to tell them some thing’s to ask their doctors, what to eat that will help with nausea, what lotion to use for their dry skin, what shampoo to grow their hair back; most importantly I have been a sounding board when they’ve needed a shoulder or prayer.
My journey with battling CANcer is over but my mission to help others to WIN will never end. May God bless the hearer’s believers and doers of his word, GOD IS SO GOOD TO ME!!!

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  1. Blessed to be a blessing! Thanks for sharing your journey and allowing us to learn what faith truly looks like in action! My Shero! Love you to life!

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